Artisans media
A Hub for International Events

About us

At Artisans Media, we design, expedite and administer prolific and exclusive events in the private, personal and corporate sectors.

We are a team of persevering diligent members, wherein each member is pioneer in their respective fields, inspirited immensely in their endeavour to satisfy your requirements. Our top priority is the best culmination for our elite clientele.

Artisans Media provides the finest and the first rate services through our disciplined yet innovative artists who light up the ambiance with their spark of creativity, topping with the prodigious element of surprise!

In summation, Artisans Media is not just an event coordinating institution, we are experts transcendent in the art of creativity and exclusive ingenuity presenting you with an element of unpredictability at every step and every level.

Strength of Artisans Events



Marketing Head

Marketing maestro, Jerish is the Harry Potter of the wizarding world of event management. Unrelenting, flexible and has brilliance tucked away in his robes.


Operations Head

Our operations head honcho is the reason for the smooth run of our events. He's the brains behind the scenes and legs behind the wheel.


Operations Head

Operations 2.0, Ramesh rules the land of handling the elite clientele and making sure that the promised is delivered and is filled with exceptional excellence.


Creative Head

Resilience under pressure and against deadlines is Jince's superpower along with his unique charisma and unparalleled level of artistry.


Team Leader

Sarath is at the masthead of the ship at Artisans Media leading the best and distinguished artists. He's the Captain of the best artists combined.

Mohammed Rashid

Visual Head

Along with the best audio management Artisans Media brings you the outstanding visual conduct ever seen lead by Mohammed Rashid and his team of diligent artists.